Unique Products Flex Brush

Designed for Convenience and Affordability

Flex Brush offers a number of advantages over conventional strip brush.

• Can be supplied in endless lengths, coils or reels.  No splicing required.

• No waste.

• 100% recyclable.

• Available in rugged, yet lightweight polypropylene.

• Resistant to most caustics and won’t absorb water, maintaining bristle “memory” and recovery.

• Choose from a wide range of existing filament sizes and lengths.

• Custom design services available for unique applications.

• Alternative materials available upon request.

• Torsion Source can design mating retainers in a variety of materials to fit any application.


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To learn how Flex Brush was created, read our Corporate Profile as featured in Smart Business Magazine.


Fibrex Material

State-of-the-Art Composite Technology

Fibrex material, a revolutionary technology from Anderson, is a great choice when it comes to alternative, environmentally responsible, building materials. Fibrex material's state-of-the-art composite technology utilizes reclaimed wood fiber from post-production processes and vinyl.


Fibrex material can be extruded into many different garage door profiles including moldings, grilles, overlays and more. The versatility of Fibrex is enhanced by its physical properties:

• Durable

• Performs well in extreme weather conditions

• Highly stable and rigid material

• Low moisture absorption

• High heat resistance

• Low coefficient of thermal expansion


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Decorative Windows


Transform the Look of Your Doors

There is a growing popularity for unique carriage style and full-view glass and aluminum doors. The ability to provide decorative options, including window features, is essential in transforming the look of these doors.


Until now, there have been very few ways to enhance the windows of a garage door. They provide a decorative look, but don’t provide a true divided light option. Realizing this need, Torsion Source developed a series of products that offers unlimited design possibilities around the garage door window.


These products are available in Fibrex and other high-quality materials. Torsion Source can color match and produce a fit and finish around the windows of a garage door that is normally reserved for the windows and entry doors of a home. The house and garage door now have a more natural transition, which creates optimal curb appeal and customer satisfaction.


Customize your window options with Torsion Source:

• SDL Systems

• Carriage door window solutions

• Pan door window solutions

• CNC Patterns



Choose one of our standard grille options or tool up your own custom grille.

Our grilles can be applied to the window in one of the following fashions:

• peel and stick

• removable

• GBG (Grille Between Glass)


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One Piece Bottom Seals

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