Custom Solutions

We Make Ideas Reality.

At Torsion Source, we are proud of the knowledge we have acquired in the garage door market. This makes Torsion Source unique. We can provide design assistance with an understanding of your needs. Our product development team will help explore design options and provide insight to the proper material selection.


We are focused on providing differentiating type products that can separate your business from everyone else. We offer value-added, solution based applications for the following areas:




Needs and Preferences


Manufacturing Process


Problem Solving



Regardless of the challenge, contact Torsion Source to find a solution.



Torsion Source's Engineers Can Help Make Your Ideas Reality.

The engineering experts at Torsion Source can take your product idea from concept to a finished product. We can assist in the design process with Auto-CAD support, prototyping, and any other testing or modeling that is required.


Beyond the product development cycle, our team of experts focus on the garage door solutions while matching the manufacturing process for that particular application.

Needs and Preferences

We Have a Pulse on the Industry.

Our unique connection with the channel allows us to provide the latest product ideas and consumer trends.


Torsion can:

• Tell you what is selling right now

• Tell you what trends your customers are looking for in the industry


Manufacturing Process

Torsion Source Has State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facilities.

Based on your specific product requirements, Torsion Source will help develop the most efficient and cost effective process for the application.


Torsion utilizes multiple manufacturing processes:


• Metal Stamping: Including progressive dies and assistance with metal alloy selection.  All material is tested to the garage door industry standard parameters.


• Solid or Hollow Extrusion: We can color match to your specifications. We also offer cap stock options, embossing or texturing capabilities, and post-production fabrication services.


• Injection Molding: We offer a range of mold types and sizes and we will work with you to determine the best material for your application.


We work hand-in-hand with all our manufacturing locations. This allows for immediate contact to resolve any issues. Regardless of your needs, Torsion Source will develop a process solution that will provide a repeatable, high quality product at an economical price.


Problem Solving

We Can Help Solve Problems

That Seem to Have No Solution.

We have ideas for product innovations resulting in cost reduction and efficiency gains. Our industry experts will meet with you in order to better understand your unique situation.


We are focused on creating solutions. We will work with you to bring your product ideas to life and help solve your industry challenge.


Contact Torsion Source today for more information!

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